Project Management Experience Examples

Client  DW Green

Metropolitan Market (Seattle): Project-coordinate extensive website revisions with client: add calendar & recipes sections; conduct user-experience study videos.
Southwest Microwave: Project – coordinate new website for products division
Usalco LLC: Project – coordinate new website for company; site design, wireframes, coordinate development

Client  Media Solutions Corp

Unified Grocers (Los Angeles): Project: websites for Market Centre Foods, Unified Grocers Insurance. Work included design input, wireframes and overall coordination of projects with client
ROFDA: Redesign website & handle various projects. Work included member research, design, wireframes and overall coordination.
Media Solutions Corp: Plan and write 12 months of social media ideas for the Social Octane program; various other projects

Client  ROFDA (Retailer Owned Distributors & Assoc)

Wikipedia Project: Client had small inadequate listing and desired a more accurate description of the association and members. Marvel researched guidelines; set-up account; wrote listing for client’s approval; uploaded approved listing.

Client  All In Media Company

Website Mega-Migration: As part of a migration team, 10 years of magazine articles, including images, were migrated to the new website. Mar-vel devised an online logging system to track progress of each magazine and articles, allowing notes between the team and the editor. Marvel subsequently contracted for numerous additional projects