Finding the identity of a place

A strong brand is important when competing to sustain and build a small community. Here’s how one community identified their cornerstones for growth.

The Process

Hired by Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation to develop a brand foundation for Prescott Valley’s marketing efforts, my process included:

  • Review Existing Plans & Research
  • Trends & Secondary Research Review
  • Rural Location Studies & Articles Review
  • Conduct Online Surveys: Nationally–Site Selection Decision Makers; Locally–Prescott Valley Key Stakeholders
  • Conduct An Image Focus Group
  • Interview Leadership One-On-One

Brand Identity Diagram

Brand Cornerstones

Our Place

Small town with people-centered, diverse architecture

Our Vision

Ownership and involvement in our town

Our Community

Strong community spirit with a sense of responsibility towards our neighbors

Our Legacy

Open space & retention of our clean, healthy and natural environment

Brand Tagline & Logo