Project Brief

After several branding initiatives, there was a difference of opinions among the stakeholders as to the conclusions. Marvel was engaged by Desert Botanical Garden to clarify their brand strategy and positioning. A situation analysis, survey, and four stakeholder visioning workshops were held.

The Starting Point: The Mission Statement

Mission Statement Word Cloud

Uncovering The Brand Values

Workshops were divided into two parts:

Part I. Exploration of Brand Dimensions: Heritage, Personality, Sensory Assets,
Emotional Benefits, Functional Benefits, Self- Expressive Benefits

Part II. Collage Development: Collages were assembled using images and text
from magazines that depicted their feelings about Desert Botanical Garden

Brand Cornerstones

Sonoran Desert Treasure

Unique, 50,000 plants, Exhibits, Horticulture, Preservation, Herbarium, Papagp Buttes, Sunsets, Sky, Southwest Culture, Natural Beauty, Authentic, Significant, Enduring

Opposite: Traditional Museum

Visionary Thinking

Legacy for the future, opportunity to be involved, research, enlightened, intelligent, aware, possibility, thought-provoking

Opposite: Conformity

Urban Oasis

Wildlife, excites all of the sense, unexpected bursts of colors, welcoming, artful, walking trails, connection to nature,sense of wonder and discovery, refreshing, relaxing, safe, calm

Opposite: Sea of tile roofs and concrete

Expressive Learning

Curious, intellectual, creative, diverse,interactive, all ages, participative, voluntary,engaging, inspiring

Opposite: Structured Education

Brand Promise

A multi-faceted experience for everyone, Desert Botanical Garden is the world’s largest desert living gallery, preserving and bringing to life the curious, unusal and beautiful environment of the Sonoran Desert and Southwestern culture.

Brand Personality

Creative, Curious, Smart, Engaging, Vivacious, Changing, Exciting, Extroverted


Cactus, Blooms, Wildlife, People-All Ages, Painter, Photographer, Birders, Butterflies, Pottery


Greens, “not beige”, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Blue


Southwest, Discover, Unique, Natural/Nature, Beauty, Beautiful Garden, Peaceful, Experience, Wonders, Escape, Learn Outdoors, Explore, Inspiration