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Recent Website Work

 G.D.Barri & Associates

Artistic Refacing



Website was dated and did not reflect the extensive specialized contract labor industry knowledge & experience of the company. In addition, the site framework was outdated and not easily accessed for updates by employees.

artisticrefacing old site


Although the website was responsive, it was not easily accessed for updates by owner. In addition, the owner wished to add an extensive gallery section, so we decided to create a new WordPress website that was more optimized for SEO and accessible for the owner. 



After a review of competition and industry websites; the color combination for the new website was chosen to reflect the conservative nature of the industry targets. In addition, the accent color chosen was a bright color that is used in the new outdoor safety apparel.

The site was carefully planned to include key points about the industry, the skilled contractors, and other benefits and features of the company. A custom posting for job opportunities was developed so that employees could easily add and edit job posting and obtain resumes of interested candidates.

The WordPress site is optimized for mobile & tablets and also optimized for SEO.

artistic refacing new site


The size maintained much of the original “look & feel”, but the image galleries were updated so that slide shows could be shown or larger images could be viewed, depending on the users’ preferences.

Aside from the new product gallery which the owner could use during his sales presentations, an extensive SEO effort was implemented in accordance with the latest SEO recommendations. Reviews and Instagram feeds were also added. Key words, and other meta data was added in accordance with best practices, plus special care was taken to ensure that duplicate content was avoided as WordPress posts images as links and it appears as a duplicate page. Naturally this is a work-in-progress as search engine algorithms change.

 PT Risk Management


Site’s content was good but the overall design was out dated. In addition, responsiveness also needed to be updated.


Site’s design was based on current website trends and users’ input. The target is primarily male though California has a number of female owners because of the state incentives for female business owners. Demographically, they are upper income but psychographically they relate to blue collar.
The current design trends include:dark mode, animation, soft shadows and floating elements- The primary color scheme included: Denim: relates to the Blue Collar psychographics; says hard work-not formal; Med Blue- instills confidence- variations of it relate to fuel and flames –color in the logo;
The brand accent colors: Orange: optimism, independence. used to stimulate, draw attention-variations of it relate to flames and fire. It’s a color often used in the sports industry-no fancy jargon; Lime: positive, physical energy, used for high visibility-variations of it used to relate to safety, loss prevention. It’s a color used in safety vests

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