Project Brief

Create a website that is focused on the mission of the organization:

The sharing of broad-based cultural experiences with ART-loving friends and neighbors.

The Challenge

Terravita Art League, with a group of dedicated volunteers, offers numerous workshops and classes in many mediums, plus art forums, cultural evenings for both residents and non-residents. To register for the workshops and classes, the organization requests that students become members of the group. In the past, the group has tracked this registration process manually. Additionally, fees were handled by checks. As the organization’s size and offerings increased it became more difficult to administrate.

The Solution

A new WordPress responsive site was developed which included a calendar of activities and online membership registration, including a PayPal gateway as an option to pay by credit card. In addition, the membership programming allows tracking of members, automatic interface with an email database, and many other features. All class and workshop registration is done online and registration pages are active only for members who are logged into their account. Instructors and Class & Workshop Admins receive the registrations by email, making tracking of classes & workshop registrations far easier than manual administration.

Website Highlights

Activities Calendar

One of the site’s features is a calendar that displays “pop-up” images for the activity event, and is linked to the activity’s detailed description. Additionally, the events can be downloaded to one’s personal calendar.

Activities Sections

The main navigation has a dropdown tab for each activity category. When clicked, a summary “grid” appears that displays an images and brief thumbnail descriptions of the activities within the category. One can then scroll through to choose the activity that appeals to them and “click-through” for more details.

Membership Sign-Ups & “Help” Videos

Because the online sign-up for annual membership was an entirely new process for the organization, “how-to” videos were created to show the process.

Karen Marvel completely updated our aging website into a contemporary, highly functional, exciting and beautiful communication site. She continues to maintain ever changing data required by the individual and time sensitive demands of our artist board…patience required!  We call her marvelous Karen and highly recommend her expertise, creativity, and responsiveness. Thank you Karen.